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 Solarando is a resource for anybody – companies or individuals – building their networks in the U.S. solar sector. We open doors. Whether you are looking to scope out a new market, meet potential partners, or simply get a foothold in one of today’s most exciting businesses, Solarando can help you get started.

Our mission is to promote environmentally sustainable development through clean energy.


We offer services to Italian solar startups aiming to establish a presence in the U.S. The Italian market is maturing with the end of government subsidies, prompting many companies to seek new frontiers such as the Middle East, South Africa and the fast-growing U.S. market. We support and strategize, giving companies insight on what drives the market and open doors to potential partners and investors with representation at specialized sectorial fairs.



Undertaking a career change can be scary and time-consuming, especially when approaching a new industry. That’s why we offer support to those wanting to learn more about solar by providing access to research, sectorial reports, industry associations, recommended courses and fairs, business insights and news to galvanize people as they embark on a new adventure.


The best way to spread the sunshine is to share the positive vibes. That’s why we believe in posting and commenting on the latest news, happenings and facts related to the solar industry, globally and locally.

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